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Our Mission

Help you gain control of your unruly technology or your broke down car that you need to get back on the road and more reliable. Provide you with expert  service, sales, installation, and information. 

Experience In Applications and Elect. : In 25 years, we've serviced 40,000 products. Refrigerators, t.v's, microwaves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, home network and IT, video game consoles, home security, and so much more. 1000's of makes and models.

Experience  In Automotive Service and Light Car Repair: Over !0 years of professional in shop experience with Midas and Bob Sumerel AAA combined. I am ASE Certified in Brakes, Steering and Suspension, Engine Repair 1, and HVAC certified. All cars and small SUVs are my specialty but some Trucks and Vans are acceptable depending on size and what service is needing done, mainly under hood repairs.

For free consultation on any Appliance and Electronic services above, call or text 937-242-0945. or email .

For free consultation on any Automotive service and light car repair above call or text (937)-305-7251 or email at


Over 35% of the service calls I ran could have been avoided over the phone. Here are some tips to avoid unnecessary service.
External issues: Be sure to read any and all owners manuals front to back. Fully perform all service updates. 


Brian Dickard Appliance and Electronic Service Technician





   Appliance and Electronic Tips         

Washing machines: Washers are very scientific today. They require a perfect water/soap mixture, usually only 2 tablespoons detergent per load. Never fill a washer more than 2/3 with laundry. Excessive soap can cause several issues like an empty washer stinking, stains in clothes. To find out if you use to much soap, fill the washer with water only, no soap or laundry, let agitate. Stop washer and check for suds, if so, repeat process until no suds. 

Dryers: very simple, if your clothes aren't getting dry but feels like they were in boiling water, that means your vent is clogged or blocked.

Dishwashers: See washing machines.

Home theatre: picture adjustments, the main adjustment is the brightness. pick a scene where something should be black, turn the picture up until the figure is grey, then back the brightness until it's black.  

Automotive Service and Light Car Repair Tips 

Remember that any car can be a good vehicle when taken care of. Note that it is recommended to let your car idle for up to a minute between all uses, and keeping an eye on all fluids may save you from future repairs. The vehicle must be at Operating temperatures and the Check engine light must be on at the time of Diagnostics. Rough estimates can be given on phone but are not exact until after diagnostics/inspections are completed. Diagnostics over the phone or over the phone walk through will have separate charges. Also all work can only be approved by the owner of the car, can not service any vehile that is leased or rented.  Please contact us today for any other questions or concerns or 

Cory Dickard ASE Certified Technician


T.V. wall mounting: The main issue is usually a crooked t.v. most mounts have screws loose for adjusting.

Networking: Reset and check connections.

We also do small home repairs. Like my kids say," My dad can fix anything!" so call , text, or email for free tech support or to see if i can help. .tel:937-242-0945



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